Winter driving

Stay comfortable when travelling in winter

Mitsubishi 4x4s aren’t just built to tackle bad weather and tough terrain, they’re also engineered to keep you comfortable when the temperature drops.

Winter car comforts

Warmth for the driver and passengers

Our cars are built with efficient air conditioning systems that keep the cabin at your desired temperature. Front vents keep both the cabin warm and the windscreen clear with a range of settings to point air where you want it.

Heated front seats

For long journeys and cold mornings

Components inside the front seats provide toasty warmth for both your backside and your lower back, which aside from warming you up, can really help you stay comfortable on longer journeys.

Protect your car from the cold

Car hacks for cold mornings

Here are a little things you can do to protect your car from the worst of the weather when it’s parted overnight.


Windscreen cover

Provide extra insulation and reduce the amount of scraping you need to do 


Stop your wipers freezing solid

Stand your wipers up overnight to stop them stick to your windscreen when the temperature drops


Slippery driveway

Keep your driveway safe by clearing any snow. You can buy the equivalent of road grit for your own use to keep your drive from freezing if you need to.


Bag your wing mirrors

Two shopping bags and a couple of elastic bands can keep your mirrors frost free


Faster windscreen de-icing

If you’re out of de-icer, make your own with three parts vinegar to one part water, but don’t heat the water as this can crack your windscreen

Wash your car

A quick clean before you drive

Washing your car regularly in the winter might seem futile given the wet and muddy roads, but that’s actually why it’s important. Modern cars carry a host of sensors and cameras to make manoeuvres easier and spot signs of danger, but if they’re caked in mud they can’t do their job. Don’t make that supermarket visit any more stressful than it already is: clean your reversing camera before you go.

Safety Features

Safer winter journeys with a Mitsubishi

Our passion for safety is evident across the Mitsubishi range, with intelligent features that anticipate dangers in your blind spot, and active systems that monitor each tyre in real-time to ensure optimal traction on slippery surfaces.

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