Be ready for Winter Driving

Some of the most important things to get right when you’re driving in the winter are done before you even set foot in the car. Here you’ll find some handy tips to prepare for a journey in bad weather or treacherous conditions. They could save you a lot of stress.

Weather and traffic

Plan your journey

Don’t leave home without checking the weather forecast and a reliable traffic incident service. Having prior knowledge of any upcoming rain or snow can tell you if you’re likely to encounter trouble, and checking your route for road improvements or known accidents can tell you if you should plan for a delay.

Traffic reports

Know what’s happening on the roads

Use your smartphone for your in-car maps to get the most accurate and up to date information on road conditions and traffic accidents. Use a trusted service like Highways Agency to tell you what’s happening on the roads.

Weather forecast

Get weather savvy

When the weather turns bad, the forecast becomes your best friend. Get into the habit of checking it every morning so that you always know what's happening today. It helps you plan your journey, allowing extra time if you need, as well as telling you whether you should consider calling off the journey all together when the weather gets extreme.

Carry some winter essentials

Carry the right kit

A little emergency planning can stop an emergency from ever happening, or at least make sure you’re prepared if one does. Read our guide to essential winter driving equipment to ensure you’re kitted out.

Keep your car clean

Rain and snow inevitably lead to mud and dirt all over your car and it pays to keep your safety features like reversing cameras and sensors free of muck so they can work properly. It might feel futile, but it’s safer to keep your car clean.

Fully charged and up to date

Check your tech

Ensure your smartphone is fully charged before you set out, and you might want to pick up a USB battery pack. They’re cheap and can greatly extend your phone’s battery life. If you have built-in Satnav, make sure your maps are all up to date.

Tell a friend

Let someone know you're travelling

Letting someone know when and where you’re travelling is wise whenever you go. Having someone who knows where you'er headed if you lose contact is the best way to ensure that if you get stuck, someone will be looking for you.

Sort your car before you travel

Top up on fuel

Winter is a good time not to wait until you’re almost empty to fill your car up.

Clear your car of snow

You can be fined for driving with snow on your car, so wipe it all away before you set off.

Clean sensors and top up washers

Ensure all car’s safety features are clear and usable. And top up on washer fluid often.

Drive a car that’s built for winter

The Mitsubishi 4x4 range is tailor-made to handle winter weather, tested in real snow and ice, with our unmatched heritage of Rally and building the best pick-up truck in the world.

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