Winter Driving Tips

Practical driving tips for when you’re behind the wheel in winter

Only go out if you have to

The most obvious tip for winter driving is to only drive when you need to. If you do go out, pack your car with a winter essentials car kit and make sure you prepare for the journey.

Stopping distances and reaction times increase in the winter, so drive slower than you would normally.

Go easy on the accelerator

And the brake for that matter. The faster you change speed the more likely you are to lose traction and skid. It’s easier and safer to avoid a skid than it is to get out of one.

Leave room to make decisions

Keeping a lot of space between and the car in front is a must. You may be concentrating, but the person in front might not be and if they slam on their brakes, you need to brake gently to avoid skidding yourself, so leave yourself a big gap.

Recovering from a skid

A skid can be scary. Most of us go long amounts of time without experiencing one and they’re naturally a surprise when they happen. Keep both hands on the wheel and in the direction you need the car to go. You almost certainly have ABS, which is there to enable you to keep steering while braking so apply the brakes as you need.

Keep both hands on the wheel

Keep looking at where you want the car to go to orientate yourself. Your hand-eye coordination is very powerful in helping you get back to going straight.

Steering into it or hold straight

If you feel a wobble ease off the accelerator and keep the wheel straight, if you find yourself in a more serious slide, steer into the skid (the same way as the back of the car is going).

Your car’s ABS is there to help you

Your car almost certainly has ABS, which is there to enable you to keep steering while braking, so don’t stomp on the brake, but you don’t need to release off it either, just keep steady pressure.

Take an advanced driving course

A driving course run by a professional accredited agency can give you vital information and experience of situations like skidding so you’re better equipped to prevent or recover from one. We’ve partnered with IAM RoadSmart to bring you expert driving courses to make you a better driver.
Driving Courses

Use your lights properly

Some people think you’re supposed to have your fog lights on all winter, but it’s actually an offence to have them on when it’s not foggy. They’re meant to shine through fog so when there isn’t any, they dazzle other drivers; and rear fog lights make it harder for other drivers to know when you’re braking.

Slippery Pedals

Dry your shoes

It’s one that’s easy to forget, but if you’ve been trudging through snow to reach the car, chances are your shoes are caked in snow which is going to melt and make your feet slippery against the pedals. Keep an old towel in the car or even a pair of comfy shoes you use just for driving.

Safety Features

Safer winter journeys with a Mitsubishi

Our safety technology is there to keep you even protected, with active sensors working at all times to keep the car secure on the road, and intelligent alerts that warn you about hazards before you know they’re there.

Safety Features

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