Mitsubishi Insight

Mitsubishi Insight

What is Mitsubishi Insight?

Mitsubishi Insight is our personalised way of giving you the insight you need to your vehicle. We are now showing you the work that needs doing on your car through our video vehicle health check programme. This software allows you to receive a video of your vehicle which is sent directly to you. You can then authorise work that needs doing from just a click on your phone, tablet or PC.

This is a free service for all Mitsubishi customers and when you go into a Mitsubishi dealership for your service, you will be offered to opt in or opt out of this video service.

How Mitsubishi Insight works


Leave your vehicle

Give your email address and number (if you wish) and leave your vehicle.


Let us carry out the service

Your dealership will carry out the service.


Receive a message

When complete, you will receive an email and SMS containing a link.


Click on the provided link

Click on the link (this is available on all smart phones, tablets and laptop devices).


Watch the Video(s)

Watch the provided video(s) supplied by your dealership showing the work needing to be carried out.


See the pricing

A price for the red/amber work will be shown and the option to confirm or ask for a call.


Choose whether to carry out the work or decline it

Click on the response you want to submit.


Receive work confirmation

If you chose to accept the work, you will receive a confirmation email of your bill and the technicians will be notified of your acceptance and carry out the work.