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Purchased a new Mitsubishi?

You qualify for a one year Excess Return voucher worth up to £250.

Who else protects your Mitsubishi better?

Unlike most motor insurers, Mitsubishi guarantees to fit Mitsubishi approved parts. This means that your car’s safety rating is maintained, its resale value is protected and its manufacturer warranties are preserved.

Give your car the special care it deserves

Insurance from Mitsubishi goes the extra mile. We're here for you whatever happens.
Our unique accident repair guarantees mean that your Mitsubishi stays 100% Mitsubishi, ensuring the highest levels of safety. You won’t find them with other motor insurers.

Free driveaway insurance

Buy a new or used Mitsubishi and we’ll give you free Driveaway Insurance*. Once you have purchased your new Mitsubishi call 0330 102 8568 or ask your dealer for your Driveaway Insurance certificate for immediate protection.

Protect your Mitsubishi all year round

Our Annual Insurance comes with our unique guarantee, plus these excellent benefits as standard:

  • 24 hour accident recovery of your Mitsubishi wherever you are in the UK, and a courtesy car whilst yours is being repaired
  • Personal injury cover, medical cover and personal possessions cover.
  • Windscreen damage cover
  • Cover to drive other cars third party, subject to eligibility
  • Cover to drive in the EU
  • A brand new Mitsubishi if yours is written off or stolen within 12 months of its new registration date.

We’ll even pay your current insurer’s cancellation fee** to help you switch. Just call us on 0330 102 8568.

Benefits Features Mitsubishi Most insurers
Mitsubishi genuine parts
  • Repaired using Mitsubishi genuine parts
  • Always keeps your Mitsubishi 100%
Yes No
Mitsubishi approved repair
  • Repaired at a Mitsubishi approved bodyshop to Mitsubishi standards
  • Free courtesy car provided if repaired at a Mitsubishi approved bodyshop
Yes No
Safety rating protected
  • Safety standards maintained by using Mitsubishi genuine parts
Yes No
Resale value Protected
  • Resale value of vehicle protected by using Mitsubishi genuine parts
  • 5 year repair guarantee
Yes No


The offer of insurance is subject to eligibility and underwriting criteria. All cover is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, see the Policy Document.

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