Works with Apple Carplay

Apple Carplay

Apple CarPlay is the best way to use your iPhone in the car, seemlessly integrating your iPhone with your car’s built in audio and display system.

You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music, and most importantly you can do it all while staying focused on the road.

Just connect your iPhone and go.

Mitsubishi Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA) User Guide - Apple CarPlay

Plug and go

Simply plug your iPhone into the car’s USB port and Apple CarPlay will automatically activate.

The controls you’re familiar with from your phone will appear on the car’s display screen and you can use your phone’s features using all the usual in car controls: touch screen, track pad (where fitted) and steering wheel controls.

The best of your phone in your car

Make and answer calls, listen to voicemail and even return missed calls. All you have to do is ask.

All your music right where you listen to it most. Your complete iTunes library and additional audio apps.

No need to read your messages, CarPlay will read them to you and you can even dictate replies.

Let your phone show you the way

Powerful and simple. Apple Maps is available on your dashboard. CarPlay can give you real time traffic information and predict where you’re going using contact and calendar information on your phone.

You can search along your route for fuel stations, restaurants, coffee shops, and more or ask Siri any number of questions:

“Siri, where’s the closest EV charging station?”

The apps you love

CarPlay supports a range of other apps for audio, messaging and voice. You can even personalize your experience by re-arranging how your apps appear in CarPlay.