Video Walkarounds

L200 Video Walkaround

Watch our video walkaround of the L200

We take you on a video tour of our award-winning pickup truck , the Mitsubishi L200. Recently award pick up of the year in the Auto Express annual awards, discover the ultimate workhorse that's also perfect for adventure, family life and a whole lot more.

Discover the Mitsubishi L200

The L200 has been the UK's favourite pickup truck for 20 years and the current model the L200 Series 6 is as close as we've come to the perfect pickup truck.

It’s easy to drive, easy to park and comes with advanced safety features and entertainment options.

Born of our decades of rally and off-road experience, we've been creating pickup trucks to do hard jobs in hard conditions for construction, farming and other all purpose workhorse roles since the late 70's.

When you need a dependable machine that's build to be driven hard, yet designed to offer the same level of comfort as a modern SUV with the space for a family of four, look no further than the L200.

Superior 4WD ability on all terrain and all conditons

L200 lives and breathes off-road. With a superior 4WD system that can instantly switch between modes as conditions change. From running in 2WD on tarmac to conserve fuel, all the way up to locked rear differential power for mud, sand, gravel or snow.

A brawny packhorse with a huge total load capacity

Thanks to a strengthened chassis the max load capacity of the L200 is a whopping 4,125kgs, which is a combination of the max towing capacity and remaining available payload.

The towing capacity is 3,500kgs, additional payload is 625kgs (including driver).

Class-leading space and a refined, practical interior

The L200 offers sporty, body-hugging front seats, sculpted for maximum comfort with wide shoulder support and a deeper centre. The L200 double cab provides room for three extra passengers just like a car.

The L200 is also available with electronically adjustable driver’s seat, heated front seats and with leather seat trim as an option.

All the practicality of a modern SUV

The L200 is packed with great technology and laid out so that everything from the 4WD mode selector to the DAB radio is within easy reach of the driver.

The days of a pickup truck feeling like a drafty shipping container are long gone. You'll find a sculpted centre panel and connecting console that feel more like you're in a powerful SUV than a pickup, with intuitive buttons and clear switches giving you access to everything you need.

A whole new world of exploration and practicality

The Mitsubishi L200 pickup is a sport utility truck. And when you've got a truck this versatile, you’ll want it to be able to tow. Which is lucky, because the L200 is a towing supremo.

The easy-to-load cargo space has been reinforced to withstand all sorts of bumps and knocks. But what makes the Mitsubishi L200 so versatile is it can handle a wide range of loads, so it's ideal for work, chores or a weekend adventure.

Advanced safety as standard

L200 comes with a suite of high tech safety features to help you change lane, switch on your hazards if you brake suddenly, alert you about obstacles when you're reversing and much more.

Sensors on the bumpers will detect if there's anything in your blind spots. If there is something there, the turn lamp (indicator) will blink on the door mirror. And with Lane Change Assist (LCA), if you activate the indicator on the side of the vehicle and there's another car coming up, you'll hear a warning beep.

Confidence when reversing

If a vehicle is detected behind you when you're just about to reverse out of a parking space or your driveway, the turn light (indicator) on the door mirror blinks, you'll hear a warning sound and a message appears in the Multi-Information Display on the dash.

Detecting dangers before you even see them

The L200’s radar is used to detect obstructions, including pedestrians, in front of the vehicle and to issue warnings when there is a danger of collision. Additionally, automatic braking is performed to avoid collision or reduce impact.

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